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Getting the Hot "Porn Body" - BOOSTING !!


Taking even a week or two to sculpt a few pounds off of your body will really make a difference.  The camera is known to "add 10lbs" and if you and your Wife or Husband wish to make your own porn, then a quick crash diet...that's easy!! Can do the trick!

Love yourselves no matter what.  Beauty truly comes in all shapes and sizes.

In my experiences in the porn industry - producing, acting, etc. I saw ALL shapes and sizes when receiving applicants who wanted to Make their own porn.

Confidence is key - There is no reason that a well-intended couple or man or woman can not use the famous - "Sexual Escalation Secrets" as I did!

I love couples btw.  There is nothing more sexy than a couple who is in tune with their sexual side - it saves marriages from falling apart!!  If you have a strong sex life, then everything else is easy...or at least doable!

Keep it in mind!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Female Sex Addict Confession (Porn Addiction)

The Real "Confessions of an Amatuer Pornographer" Book

Excerpt - 

When dial-up was replaced with broadband, porn was even more immediate. With sites like 89, RedTube, Pornhub, TubeGalore and so many others, I didn't have to depend on anyone else for my fix. I'd come into my own.

Thoughts of the acrobatic arrangements of flesh and dirty talk filled my mind all day long. I daydreamed constantly. I started and ended my days with orgasms. There was always time and a clip I hadn’t yet seen.

Female Sex Addicts make their cash here

Later, when I started having sex for real, I didn’t abandon the usual porn-and-masturbation combo. Quite the opposite.  I surprised boyfriends with my enthusiasm when they’d forgotten to clear their history and insisted that we watch together. I knew porn stars by name, bookmarked all my favorite sites and switched up all the ways I got off — fingers, vibrators and, of course, the water faucet for old time’s sake.

I familiarized myself with all the various categories. Threesomes. Oil orgies. Girl-on-girl. I got into costumes for a while. Naughty schoolgirls. Naughtier cheerleaders. Sexy nurses. Horny cops. I became interested in S&M, casting call couches, bang buses. Some of the videos had horrible acting bits that made me giggle. Others were uncomfortably real, such as forlorn Thai hookers and mistake-making drunk party girls. I hoped the bachelor party videos were fake. I prayed the “teen” porn stars were 18 like the disclaimers promised.

Female sex addicts are among the hottest and most intriguing,  They break social stigma rules and take sexuality to a totally different level

Monday, October 2, 2017

DIY Porn - 5 Tips on Making and Selling Your Own Porn 2018 from Camming to Uploading Your own Produced Porn

The DIY Porn Industry is something that many dream about.  It's pretty obvious that I recommend you communicate your porn addiction or sex addiction in a positive way - communicate, create, have fun and you will have a much better time and lessen the chance you hurt yourself or someone you care about - Tony Stone

Tip #1 - DIY Porn -

Make your own content via cam and sell live.  It's the easiest way to start selling your own porn.  This is something that a couple, girl, guy, etc can do and market to a HUGE audience on a place like "Chaturbate" - that are now grossing MILLIONS !

Tip #2 - DIY Porn -

Get good at dealing with girls online if you wish to use models!  I can't stress this enough but my skills in dealing in the written word were invaluable to me.  You MUST show interest but not eager.  Don't sell yourself short as you are offering excellent pay for easy work.  You can check your local laws to see what is permissible for content creation ad run ads.  The girls will come to you so make sure you can close the deal & make them want to work with you.

Mindsets like this guy are literally gold.

Tip #3 - DIY Porn

Use SEO, SER, etc as a way to keep up on the latest trends.  Run an Alexa rating on combinations of search words.  Use gorilla tactics like scanning "best sellers" and "most viewed" vids on the popular porn sites.  You don't need to spend money on this.  Use your brain & save your money for paying models, training, equipment, etc.

Tip #4 - DIY Porn

Go over quality of content to quality of production.  If you read my book then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Nowadays "glam" porn with unreachable starlets is dead (or just shown in hotel rooms).  A clear, mid-quality real girl/action vid like on - True Amatuer Uploads

Tip #5 - DIY Porn

Keep it simple! Don't get too fancy on niche, content, etc - get a good model like I did  -

  And customers will come back and even request more of her.  A few bucks from a few hundred clients is thousands of potential dollars to you.  Simply upload a few handjob or "Tuggers" with your wife, model, girl.  Those sites bank as they have HUGE markets.  Get you models to throw in a solo vid, stills, etc for a few bucks more.  That will allow you better promo and photos to sell your content.

You can check out the ultimate DIY Porn Handbook Story and draw from the experiences as well or follow this blog as I tend to give away a lot of free advice.

If you like these tips and pics then please follow the blog, share an article and you can fire a tiny tip via bitcoin on the front page.  But most of all, hope you enjoy the content.  

Recommended porn site that do it properly, learn from the best - 




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Why Amatuer Porn Rules over Ultra Produced Porn - At Least To Porn Buyers - DIY Porn

There is a solid reason that the appetite for porn has gotten "more humble" even though it hasn't gotten any more stingy.  Porn, sex, etc is a multi-billion dollar per year biz in the USA.

But are those dollars going to those big porn studios?  Not anymore....or not as much anyways.  The good direction of porn in the last ten years has been toward regular girls in relatable situations.

The boom of DIY, "Do it yourself" Porn has finally spread the money around to the actual performers rather than to the production house.  In the old days of porn, a gal would kill to get signed by a Vivid, etc as that assured regular work and promotion.  But nowadays, it's almost certainly more profitable to avoid being chained to a contract when you can Sell your own porn (like here) or simply broadcast on a cam like here..

The appetite for DIY Porn has always been there but the only way you could see a privately made porn of an amatuer girl next door was to find your friend's videotape and probably commit a violation of privacy while you watch.

Even simple Handjob sites are all the rage When making my own porn, I found that even more girls would give a simple jerk than have sex.  As a "Tugger" fan myself, it worked out nicely.

If you've read my book, you would remember that "The Homework Handjob" was the second scene that I shot.  It was a really good selling video and this was before the "Tugger & Jerky Girl" boom.

Simple scene with a good performed and a great thumbnail/ad shot will sell.  I used this simple shot of Allisa here to sell thousands of dollars in downloads - 
Not even nude or showing her huge breasts!  Top Seller!

So watch what others are doing, think what you would like and "Attention Girls!" - you can simply make your own porn/adult content and control everything!

Will be giving a "How To Make Your Own Porn" Post very shortly.  Much of this will be covered and much more!

If you wanna get a head start, then you can get my book in any format, privately and see how I did it right here!! - Thanks!

Tony Stone

DIY Porn - How to Make Your Own Porn & How to Sell Your Own Porn - Safety First!

The "DIY Porn" & "How to sell my own porn" subjects and labels seem to be the most interesting to folks out there reading this blog.

Safety first is an old axiom for a reason.  There is nothing worth risking your reputation, freedom, health or well-being...not even making your own (check the laws in your local

This is where I don't wanna be a hypocrite.  I recruited girls, "performed" in my own "POV Porn", had fun, met beautiful girls and had a ton of sex.  Then to top it off, I wrote book about it.

I got to meet and have sex with girls like this -

I did luckily "have some game" that only started working when I approached women in a totally different way....they responded!

While there is something to be said for the thrill of the hunt, meeting new and very interesting people, nowadays there are places like this to sell your own home made porn.

When thinking of making your own porn, you need to remember that times have changed.  If you are an aspiring porn producer like I was you must "know your competition".  It is true that now couples can even sell their own porn for great money directly. And as I would give my DIY porn advice to hook up on cam site where you have control & safety, that doesn't mean that the old fashioned way isn't totally possible.

I make it clear in my book that the "Reality Porn Style" is what really intrigued me as I be can obsessed with the "new" girls that were not reading from a corny script about blowing a plumber, pizza delivery guy, etc.

Since that was intriguing me (regular "Girl Next Door" Types) then I figured that it would intrigue others.  When it comes to the "non-intercourse" scenes, it seemed plausible that a gal would have less reservations to give a simple tugger then for a full sex scene, revenge "porn" and so on.

These are the "Markets" that a producer with no reputation or experience in making and selling their own porn could satisfy pretty quickly & easily.

"Reality Kings" are now the site I fell in love with (and many gals fell in love with them too) This is a conglomeration of "reality porn" ideas, scenarios - "girlfriend revenge, etc"

There is a saying that you just needed "cash & a camera" to get into porn.  But that saying was updated to "you just need a camera" in 2017.

Tony Stone
Author of the How to Porn"My Real Boogie Nights"


Using the Internet to Get Hot Girls...a MUST

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Female Sex Addicts - The Forgotten Addicts - What I Learned and the Three Main Types of Females That I Met

I always start with this -

This book could have been called "How to make your own porn, How I made my own porn, or how to make money selling home made porn"  But that's not why I wrote it -

I made my own porn "studio" and made money - Ask me anything 😊

There are pros and cons to making your own porn vs becoming a porn star.  Since porn is much more about a fantasy of inhibition by the girls while being a promoted "porn starlet", it's often the more sexy choice to go with the porn production company to start your career. Or just start yourself.

THE FEMALE SEX ADDICT   - What I learned in making my own porn

This is to merely share what I learned when making my own porn.  This is not to suggest that I'm an expert or that I should be an important resource on this subject.  If you follow my blog and/or read my book then you know my style is all about sharing experiences and let everyone draw from it with their own unique frame of reference.

From my experience, there were a minimum of 3 types of girls that I encountered and worked with when making my own porn.

#1) - Party Girl - "Up for anything, get paid & have fun while doing it (most common)
#2) - Insecure - "would you really pay ME cash to take MY clothes off? (less common) 
#3) - Sex Addict - "I'm living out a role play fantasy & hope you fulfill it" (even less common)

Remember that out of the 3 "types" I list, the nuance is in that often #2 will pretend to be #1 and so on but #3, the sex addict pretends more than all of them.

#1 - "Party Girl"

In my book & on this very blog I've shared pictures, stories & thoughts on the various girls that I met when making my own porn.  From "the housewife" to "the innocent girl", they all fall into these 3 main categories as best as I can tell.  I'm sure you could slice down to 10 groups but I'm simple=)

For example, "Joselyn" falls in to "Party Girl" which was probably best for my first time. She would definitely be on the mature end of that spectrum as she had experience, figured out she could make money with her looks, body and casual disposition towards sex.  Same goes obviously for  a pro like Jordan.  I would assume many escorts fall into this category as well.

Even the gorgeous housewife "Julie" is a standard #1 "Partygirl" who got married and had kids at and early age.  This is the type that you would figure would be a #2 "Insecure" but, to her credit, she didn't even pretend to be an "Insecure" & with good reason - just look at her! LOL .

#2 - "Insecure"

This type is less common than you may think as some of the girls in reality-style porn act this way.  But from my experience, they are indeed "acting".  In fact, you'll find many "first timer" vids for the same girl as that is a selling point.  There is something irresistible to men about the nervous first timer taking off her clothes.

This is definitely the category that #3 girls "pretend" to be as a cover to satisfy their urges (that they seem embarrassed or ashamed of and it's a pity that is so often the truth).

But as far as legit "Insecure Types", I corresponded with many who would simply send photos and get me to offer them a scene.  They apparently appreciated my "professional opinion" and I always rather liked giving them compliments and an injection of self-esteem with my analysis of how they are sexy and would sell well (even when I was pretty sure they were not serious).

"Insecure Types" show up the least often as they are truly - "Insecure"

#3 - "Sex Addicts"

Now this is where I really want to clarify that I'm not taking pity on any of these women.  In fact, It's a shame that women (even more so than men) are pressured socially to feel ashamed for their fantasies.  The mere fact that a #3 "Sex Addict" has to pretend to a porn producer that they are really a #1 "Party Girl" or need coaxing into it as they are a #2 "Insecure" really demonstrates the pressure, slut-shaming & taboo in general society.

In my book, I outline two #3 "Sex Addicts" on different ends of the spectrum.  The teacher - "Allisa"  & of course the girl that had the much bigger proportion of the book Lisa (the one I fell for).

Allisa gave it away during our meeting when she told me that "Oh, I thought there would be like four older guys here and you were going to say that I had to fuck them all and I didn't have a choice"  I laughed and responded "you thought that and still showed up?".  She responded that "well, I need to get this done for some bills & I would do what I gotta do.  I figured that happened a lot".  It's sad that she probably wasn't far off but I treated the girls well and even sympathized with the vulnerability of many females in this "business".  Definitely the "nice guy" in porn (not to say I'm not a perv=)

Even after she found out that she was with one guy, in his late 20s and not "a room full of old guys", she seemed to respond as if I wasn't so accommodating and polite by phrasing things like "I just gotta do whatever you say now, right?" (when shooting stills) & then "I have to get you hard now, right?" before filming began (as she crouched down to her knees).  I hadn't said a word about it at the time and she simply acted like I had said it.  She even performed like a girl who had no choice  - she was wonderful. 

When it was over, she had zero interest in seeing any pics or vids of her and did mention "I've been thinking about this since high school, just can't tell anyone. That was soooo good." and we never spoke again.  I felt so

Lisa ,the #3 "Sex Addict" that pretended to be a straight #2 "Insecure" was much further over on the "sex addict spectrum".  After our first shoot, she became much more comfortable and straight up more honest as I had made her feel comfortable.  "

I just wanna be naked" as she tore her clothes off a minute after walking in to the hotel suite.  If you read my book then you know that it was much deeper and sadder to learn what she was about.

I don't wanna go deeply into her past abuse, disposition & "please just use my body to make you happy" requests.  She, per many reasons, was addicted (enough to drive out hundreds of miles, even on her birthday) to this safe place to meet "her dealer" - me.  She simply got a "fix" that she couldn't get anywhere else.  She had mentioned that "I'm a slave to my own filthy thoughts of gangbangs, stranger sex, etc".  I hope she finally found her safe place to be herself without being so vulnerable.

What category would you be in?  Or do you have a totally different category?  You can let me know anonymously in the comments!

Thanks to all for the great feedback and support in following this very fun blog.

The book is available in any format on smashwords & available in digital & paperback on Amazon.

Tony Stone

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My Real Boogie Nights - Sex Drugs & Love - Now on Smashwords!! - the Sex Addict's Blog on Making Your Own Porn DIY Porn

always start with this -This book could have been called "How to make your own porn, How I made my own porn, or how to make money selling home made porn"  But that's not why I wrote it -

I made my own porn "studio" and made money - Ask me anything 😊

I was recently corresponding with "Kayla" who was interested in selling her own porn.  She figured that between her solo and toy play and her & her boyfriend vids , she could make quite the passive income by selling private porn.

There are many "how to sell your own porn" advice sites out there.  And my book is really NOT a "how to sell your own porn" book.  It's much more a shared journey by somebody that did sell their own porn.

I certainly do not try to sell anything in the ebook and wanted to start an honest discussion about the details of male AND female sexuality.

There has been many requests for me to dig in to the old porn vault and get some of the real pictures available.  I appreciate the request and I'm considering how I may go about doing that.  I would guess that I have hundreds of pics and a few vids of the exploits of my book.

Here are a few more of Jordan Fleiss that I took of her during out first meeting at the Rosemont Horizon Hotel in Chicago.

Thanks for all the feedback and if there are any questions that have not been answered then I did an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit recently.

Tony Stone

How to Make Porn Tip - It's Mind over Matter!! - Fetish Porn, Situational, Smoking, Feet & Everything Else!!

I always start with this -This book could have been called "How to make your own porn, How I made my own porn, or how to make money selling home made porn"  But that's not why I wrote it -

I made my own porn "studio" and made money - Ask me anything 😊 check out the book on Amazon

If you wanna make your own porn for sale then it has to, uh....SELL!!

Now while there are many "blue chip" categories with much traffic - innocent first timer pornhot MILF, Housewife porn or even super trashy gals the real money to be made in porn is specificity/fetish that can be given on a moment's notice and now live & instant.

The trick to fetish/niche style porn, is that the customers who are in to that specific genre of porn will come armed with dollars.  The quality (we recommend high quality) is less as important in some of the "blue chip porn that couples can produce"

In my book (on Amazon, Ebay & Nook) I spoke of two in particular vids that made me thousands of dollars in passive income.  This was nearly 15 years ago and the appetite for porn has changed quite a bit.

Now, with "tube" sites so prevalent, the real money is in niche, fetish, live porn .

Even crooked photos that make a potential customer "invest" in looking at it for a few extra seconds can be the difference.

If you are a couple, gal or guy & wish to make a passive income then take all of this in as it will give you a HUGE advantage!

Tony Stone

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Confession of a Sex Addict - How to Make Porn "My Real Boogie Nights" PDF digital Version Now Available via Smashwords - All Formats

My Real Boogie Nights - Sex, Drugs & Love While Moonlighting in Porn (also on Amazon Kindle)

INTO - Excerpt -

NOTE:  This is a true story.  All names and some places have been changed to respect the privacy of the parties involved.  All photos, emails, have been minimally edited out of respect to privacy.  These events took place in the Chicago area from 2003 to 2006.

Copyright 2015-2016 – Tony Stone – All right reserved.  The digital content in this ebook, including all text, photo and links are not authorized for duplication, sale, distribution or sharing without the express written consent of the publishers.


People have fantasies.  Everyone knows this.  Men, women, gay or straight. Fantasies can often define more about us then our actions.  I’m no different.  I find my fantasies no more interesting than anybody else’s.  The point of this writing is about what I did with that fantasy.  Or, more interestingly, what the fantasy ended up doing with me. 

What I learned about myself, what I learned about addiction and especially, what I learned about women.  This is really not intended to be a porno smut book but it is about a journey through the world of porno smut in the early online pornography era.   This journey was many things – sexy, fun, scary, sad, and even profitable…but it was never dull.

I’ve decided to not wash the language of this book but it’s not going to be explicit in the sense of my perspective.  This is not a Penthouse Forum’s story.  First of all, it’s a true story and second of all, it’s not intended to arouse.  It’s intended to educate, provoke thought and hopefully entertain.  I found the women I met to be mostly beautiful…. rather than “this hot fucking bitch”. 

I find that the contrast of what I was doing at the time compared to what I was thinking to be what makes this a rather interesting, educational and worthwhile journey to share.  I hope you agree. 

I’ve cultivated the various emails, receipts, etc. associated with the production of my work to give you the moment by moment of these strange days.    

I do not recommend or condemn what I did on my journey.  I don’t say that it was right or wrong….it just was.

Strap in…It’s about to get weird as I chronicle “My Real Boogie Nights”.

Thanks for all of the feedback.  This has been a blast for me to interact with all of you fellow sex=-addicts and aspiring porn start and producers!

Hugh Hefner Dies - RIP - He Inspired Countless Men & Women & Had an Influence on Millions of People #LEGEND

Check out the book on Amazon

It's pretty clear the I've been influenced by Huge Hefner.  This blog, my book & the tantalizing idea of a pretty women taking their clothes off on camera were spawned by Hugh Hefner.

The self-made millionaire died at the ripe old age of 91 in his Holmby Hills, CA home.

I admit that I imitated Hugh while snapping photos of then naked.  I would often have drinks available and give the impression of a hedonistic, free-love type vibe when helped my roleplay reach the next level.  The girls seemed to like it just as much.

Whether you are a recovering sex addict, like me, or a frigid-shy "cold fish", Huge Hefner made an impact on your world.  Walking around with many beautiful women is among the most primal of sexual and social fantasies that a man can have.

But what is bound to not get the credit it deserves, is Hugh Hefner's influence on women - Body positively, sexual liberation, confidence and the visceral beauty of the female body.  Hugh Hefner empowered models, who could demand proper pay after being featured in Playboy.  His publication finally gave women leverage over the studio producers.

Picking off virtually any gal that he wanted, being an unbelievably generous host at the Playboy Mansion & a possessing a great sense of humor where attributes that nobody denies.

Missing him from Chicago,  - 

In 1949, Hefner married Northwestern University student Mildred ("Millie") Williams, who was also born in 1926. They had two children: daughter Christie Hefner (born 1952) and son David (born 1955).[28] Before the wedding, Mildred confessed that she had an affair while he was away in the army. He called the admission "the most devastating moment of my life." A 2006 E! True Hollywood Story profile of Hefner revealed that Mildred allowed him to have sex with other women, out of guilt for her infidelity and in the fond hope that it would preserve their marriage. The two were divorced in 1959.[29][30]
Hefner remade himself as a bon vivant and man about town, a lifestyle he promoted in his magazine and two TV shows he hosted, Playboy's Penthouse (1959–1960) and Playboy After Dark (1969–1970). He admitted to being "'involved' with maybe eleven out of twelve months' worth of Playmates" during some of these years.[31] Donna Michelle, Marilyn Cole, Lillian Müller, Shannon Tweed, Barbi Benton, Karen Christy, Sondra Theodore, and Carrie Leigh — who filed a $35 million palimony suit against him — were a few of his many lovers. In 1971, he acknowledged that he experimented in bisexuality.[32] Also in 1971, Hefner established a second residence in Los Angeles with the acquisition of Playboy Mansion West and, in 1975, moved there permanently from Chicago.[33]

Perhaps a tribute by a pornographer is not worth much but I have a feeling most are writing or speaking their own tribute to Hugh Hefner today as I am.  Whether on Facebook, Twitter or just around the coffee pot, the world is realizing that the world is much less interesting with Hugh Hefner gone.

RIP Hugh Hefner - Legend

Tony Stone
Author - My Real Boogie Nights

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Confession of a Sex Addict - Office Play and Spotting Somebody that is Up For Something Dirty - Office Handjob

Changing things up a bit.  I made many references in my book on what a sex addict would risk for a little dose of their "high".  Outside the exploits of my book, I had quite a few more stories that did not involve porn.

I had a gal named "Jan" who worked in my office.  I had my own small office, with a locking door outside the main floor, where Jan and a few ladies were in cubicles.

She was 35, white, separated from her husband and in average shape  - about 5ft 5in and 135-140lbs.  Medium breasts but nice legs and usually wore tight jeans, a tank top under a larger shirt - cute, not slutty.  VERY pretty face with green eyes and brown, medium hair.

We had heard about a Craigslist prostitution sting on the radio where several guys from the local area were busted in hotels.  This of course presented an opportunity to get on the subject of sex for money when she came into my private office to hand in some paperwork.

I mentioned the radio story and opened up Craigslist where we were trying to guess who was the cop, etc.  Of course, her reacting to the ads, listings, pic were turning me on immensely.  I immediate thought about how to get her talking and then acting dirty.

In those ads, we saw an "I'll pay you $50 to watch me jerk off" where I laughed and said that must be pretty easy money for a working girl. She laughed and said "no kidding, I can't believe a guy would pay for something like that.  Smelling "blood", I slowly turned the conversation over to the type of gal that would do that (accept money to watch a guy jerk off).  I basically led her into saying "It's not a big deal, etc..I just can't believe that pays any money, etc"

( If anybody is interested in watching or being watched safely, this is the place. )

We went back and forth basically spit-balling the idea, while acting like we were so perplexed and having this in depth conversation about what the attraction to that sort of thing is, what's the point, etc.

This is when I new she was at least mildly turned on or more.  I said the corny "Well, if I need your help and you wanna make $50 then we got each" - sort of "I'm kidding but not really".  I then asked "Would you really charge me top dollar just to watch?  You wouldn't watch for free?  I've been a great boss, etc" - all silly and joking still.

Now keep in mind that Jan was a little hyper, neurotic, etc.  I could read her easily and I spent a lot of time talking with her in the two years that she had worked there.  I had become too good, from my porno experience to judge what a girl is willing to do.

I pretty much acted like it was still just questions and knew that it would give her the excuse to play along with this silly "game".  I said "OK, come back in and shut my door and we can play like this is going to happen."  She immediately said "OK" and left and then snuck back over and shut the door behind herself, approaching with her arms folded and a big grin.

I was in my chair now and behind my desk.  This was such a turn on that I almost cramped up.  There was the awkward few seconds but I saved the situation by laughing and saying "you couldn't even see if I was doing it" she then walk up to my desk and leaned over to peek at my lap.  Holy shit, I was frozen (and now rock hard) but pants were all zipped up.  Not for long, promise.

I actually came out and said "Holy shit, that's hot as hell for you to be creeping over my desk to look at me jerk."  She checkmated me by saying "I knew you were a chicken!"  It all happened fast then.  I undid my pants only and she leaned forward again with her shortened breath said "let's see".

I threw it at her "come around next to me and I'll do it.  Up to you Jan".  She IMMEDIATELY walked around and knelt next to me with her nervous smile.  She was red-faced now - flushed and turned on.  I unzipped and took it out and watched her get her eyes on my member for the first time.   That drove me crazy as she actually let out a breathy heave, almost with a whimper-like sound as she position to get the best look possible.

I said "Well, help me out, let me see your bra while I do it" She immediately complied and took off her large shirt (that was over the white tank top).  Her pink bra was visible and she looked so much more sexual now.  Her chest was pink and flush to help matters.  She had a top of shoulder tattoo that I never knew about and this sleazy situation just went up a notch.

I was in full-selfish addict mode and didn't jerk for her more that a minute when I told her...not asked her, told her to "just grab it and quit screwing around"  She immediately did and jerk me while smiling at me and glancing back to the handjob. (It's without question that I would have been barred from this office, property, etc. if I was caught)

I wasn't going to last long when she just glanced back up with a friendly smile and said "I wanna watch you cum, OK?  I like watching it happen.  So let me know when ,OK?"  That was so hot that my reply was "RIGHT NOW!!".  She sort of laughed and sped up her hand as I shot all over the desk, floor and her hands.  I kept saying "Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit this is hot!"(in a huffing whisper)

She was so cool that she even grabbed tissue from my desk and wiped up cum and threw me a few sheets.  I'd say the best part about this would be how we had never even flirted and never got intimate at all prior to this.  It was like a pretty friend smiling at me and watching me cum.  No foreplay or dating.   She never tried to "act sexy" she just WAS sexy.

Needless to say, she jerked me and blew me about ten more times before she moved offices.  They were all good but I'll never forget this first time. " Holy shit, Holy shit!!" LOL

Please feel free to check out other true stories on this very site and check out the book, Now on Amazon & Barnes & Noble ,

Tony Stone
My Real Boogie Nights - Sex, Drugs & Love While Moonlighting in Porn

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When Making Your Own Porn..REMEMBER - It's Mental over Phsyical - How to Make Your Own Porn Lesson

I've said it before - I HIGHLY recommend any girl, couple or guy to Make their OWN PORN - MORE SAFE, MORE LUCRATIVE

It's important to keep two things in mind.   - What are you selling?  Why would someone want your porn?

You can browse certain search keys and get a ton of different kinks.  People are now into more and more specific porn.

But that doesn't mean that you need to be a fancy freak.  Remember that you can still sell a "staple porn" to the regular buyer. 

You need the best, teasing pic.  You can't have the girl naked and bent over for example.  That gives to much away.  In my Ebook on Amazon ,

I mentioned that Allisa's scene "see "Hot For Teacher" post on this blog, sold unbelievably well as I simply posted a gorgeous pic of her, with her clothes on and made sure to let the customers know that this was her first scene, there would be oral and a huge cumshot facial.  That's it.
Jordan Fleiss teases again in the above just got to see more!

Whether you are looking to sell vids, or get live and make money from your bedroom on a place like this that pays WELL then keep it simple is usually your best bet.

I intentionally refrained from putting nudes on this post as to show what I mean.

You can check out the full story if you would like at the Amazon store.

I love all of your feedback and questions......keep them coming!

I'm starting to dig up some pics (and even vids) that I had no idea I saved.  More coming gang!!  

Tony Stone

Monday, September 25, 2017

You NEVER Forget Your FIRST TIME (Especially PORN) - Chapter Excerpt - My Real Boogie Nights - Sex, Drugs & Love While Moonlighting in Porn

I always start with this -This book could have been called "How to make your own porn, How I made my own porn, or how to make money selling home made porn"  But that's not why I wrote it -

I made my own porn "studio" and made money - Ask me anything 😊 check out the book on Amazon

Joselyn was a smart, sexy and mature blonde in her late 20s.  We shot the very first porn that I ever produced on a Saturday afternoon.  I must say that I lucked out.  She had a great body, curves and attitude.

Chapter 4 Excerpt - My Real Boogie Nights - Sex, Drugs & Love While Moonlighting in Porn

I kept my cordless phone from my kitchen in hand.  It barely got reception out there.  I saw a sedan slowly circling the property which was common for a new visitor.  I watched it park in the far lot and a blonde get out.  It was Joslyn!  I ran back upstairs to my condo and I was shaking.  Like an anxiety attack mixed with erotic convulsions.  Why was I feeling this way?  I figured I had to suck it up and get into character.  A few deep breathes and my phone rang.  It was her and she was out front.  I buzzed her up and we greeted at my door on the second floor. 

She was conservatively dressed in black slacks and a white long sleeve shirt.  She looked like she was applying for a secretary job.  Very sexy but not what I was expecting.  “Nice place” she said.

She came in and sat at my kitchen table.  I offered her a spread of water, fancy juices or soda that was on display in ice.  She chose coffee and filled out her paper work.  She remarked on the weather, the drive over and her day job as a stripper in the west burbs of Chicago.  She was making next to no money and said she was averaging $25 on the lunch shift.  The whole “I got a family trip” seemed a bit clearer as I suspect she needed the money quickly.  Which was in a white letter envelope amidst the paperwork she was filling out. 
“I worked so hard to memorize that script” she said.  I told her that it was more of an outline and we can take an organic approach to the scene.  We sat and chatted like friends and it was obvious that she was very mature and not a spring-break type wanting to show off her breasts.  She told me she was 24 but her photo ID showed that she was 28.  I didn’t care, especially when she calmly took off her white long sleeve shirt and had a pink tank top on underneath.  She looked great, still classy but very sexy.

-End Excerpt - You can check out the entire book here on Amazon.

Joslyn was a sexy and open girl.  I was sent her the copy of our video (years after we made it) and she said "I love it".  I have no qualms about showing non-discrete photos of her as she had modeled in various other adult mediums.  She was a perfect "First Timer".

The full sex, oral scene we filmed as a play on a "revenge tape" sold incredibly well.  She was definitely one of the gals that I met who I could have been friends with outside of this activity.

Regular girls like this would be about 200-500 per scene but it was hard to find safe work back then...nowadays, a gay, couple or guy can just make money on their own porncan just make instant money with their own porn.

There are sign up registration links for anybody to get started - guys, girls, couples.


I still have more pics of all the girls (and even some vids)  I'm considering uploading (with discretion) if the demand is there.
 - Tony Stone